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Redragon GW900 APEX 1080P Webcam

Redragon GW900 APEX 1080P Webcam
Redragon GW900 APEX 1080P Webcam
Redragon GW900 APEX 1080P Webcam
Redragon GW900 APEX 1080P Webcam
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Redragon GW900 APEX 1080P Webcam
Redragon GW900 APEX 1080P Webcam
Redragon GW900 APEX 1080P Webcam
Redragon GW900 APEX 1080P Webcam
Key Features
Autofocus Yes
USB Port2.0 USB
Video Resolution1920 x 1080 @30Fps
OthersLenses: Double-sided Anti-reflective film optics
Video & Audio
Frame RateH264 * 1080 at 30fps
Physical Specification
Cable Length1.8m
Weight 140 g
Warranty 1 year

Redragon GW900 APEX 1080P Webcam

Redragon GW900 APEX 1080P Webcam stands as a testament to cutting-edge technology, offering an array of features designed to enhance your video communication experience. With advanced optical lenses, auto focus, noise reduction dual microphones, and versatile compatibility, this webcam redefines clarity in online interactions. The GW900 APEX boasts an advanced optical lens with fix-focus and light correction functions. This innovative technology ensures that the webcam delivers a fixed focus picture whether in well-lit or low-light environments. Say goodbye to blurry visuals and hello to consistent clarity in every video call or recording.

30 FPS with Auto Focus

The webcam operates at an impressive 30 frames per second (FPS) with auto focus, capturing smooth and detailed videos. Whether you're engaging in video calls, streaming, or recording content, the 30 FPS ensures that your visuals are not only clear but also fluid, providing a professional touch to your virtual interactions.

Dual Microphones with Noise Reduction

Audio quality is a key aspect of effective communication, and the GW900 APEX excels in this area. Equipped with a 2-channel stereo, noise reduction, dual microphone setup, this webcam ensures that your voice comes through with crystal clarity. Say goodbye to unwanted background noise and disruptions in your audio.

6 Double-Sided Fully Coated Antireflective Film Optical Lenses

The GW900 APEX is equipped with six (5+1 IR) double-sided fully coated antireflective film optical lenses. This advanced lens technology contributes to clear and bright picture quality, minimizing reflections and enhancing the overall visual experience. Every detail is captured with precision, ensuring that your videos are of the highest quality.

Versatile Mounting Options

With a convenient clip-on design, the Redragon GW900 APEX can be securely set up on any device, such as a laptop, display, or monitor. The clip ensures stability, allowing you to position the webcam at the perfect angle for your video calls or recordings. Additionally, it can be placed securely on a table for alternative recording needs, such as hands-on display gameplay streaming.

Wider Compatibility with USB 2.0

Featuring a 2.0 USB jack, the GW900 APEX ensures wider compatibility with various devices and operating systems. This USB connectivity ensures a smooth and reliable connection, making it compatible with most operating systems, including Windows XP SP2 or later, Windows 7/8/10 or later, Mac OS 10.6 or later, Linux 2.6.24 or later, Google Chrome OS 29.0.1547.70 or later (platform 4319.79.0 or later), Android V 5.0 or later smart TV and TV box, Xbox one or later, Ubuntu Linux 10.04 or later. It also supports major game platforms and video communication software such as OBS, Facebook, Youtube, Xbox one, xsplit, Skype, and more.

Redragon GW900 APEX Price in Bangladesh
For tech enthusiasts in Bangladesh, Moharaz stands as the ultimate destination for cutting-edge technology, and the Redragon GW900 APEX 1080P Webcam is no exception. Explore Moharaz's extensive range of tech products and discover competitive prices that ensure the best value for your investment. In conclusion, the Redragon GW900 APEX 1080P Webcam is a pioneer in redefining visual clarity in the digital landscape. Whether you're connecting with colleagues, streaming content, or engaging in online gaming, the GW900 APEX ensures unparalleled video quality and audio clarity. Visit Moharaz, your trusted tech partner, and elevate your video communication with the Redragon GW900 APEX.

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What is the Redragon GW900 APEX 1080P Webcam price in bd 2024?

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Redragon GW900 APEX 1080P Webcam
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Redragon
  • Model: GW900 APEX

Key Features

  • Frame rate H264*1080p@30fps
  • 6 (5+1 IR) double-sided lenses
  • 1.8 Meters magnetic ring anti-interference cable
  • 2-channel stereo, noise reduction, dual microphone