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Redragon Capricorn P012 Gaming Mouse Pad

Redragon Capricorn P012 Gaming Mouse Pad
Redragon Capricorn P012 Gaming Mouse Pad
Redragon Capricorn P012 Gaming Mouse Pad
Redragon Capricorn P012 Gaming Mouse Pad
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Redragon Capricorn P012 Gaming Mouse Pad
Redragon Capricorn P012 Gaming Mouse Pad
Redragon Capricorn P012 Gaming Mouse Pad
Redragon Capricorn P012 Gaming Mouse Pad

Redragon Capricorn P012 Gaming Mouse Pad

Meet the Redragon Capricorn P012, a gaming mouse pad meticulously designed to enhance your gaming prowess. Unleash the full potential of your gaming setup with this premium-textured mouse mat, where form meets function seamlessly. Crafted with a gamer's needs in mind, the Redragon Capricorn P012 boasts a perfect size of 12.8 x 10 x 0.11 inches. Its ideal dimensions provide ample space for your mouse to glide effortlessly, without compromising your gaming station's real estate. The professionally stitched frame not only adds a touch of sophistication but also significantly increases the mouse pad's lifespan. Say goodbye to fraying or peeling surfaces – this mouse pad is built to withstand the rigors of intense gaming sessions.

Precision at Your Fingertips

The ultra-smooth surface of the Redragon Capricorn P012 sets it apart from the competition. The quality fine mesh cloth ensures optimum speed and accurate control during intense gaming moments. Every movement is translated with precision, allowing you to stay one step ahead of your virtual adversaries. The mouse pad's durability is further enhanced by its durable stitched edges, ensuring it stands the test of time.

Resilient Against the Elements

Gaming environments can be unpredictable, but the Redragon Capricorn P012 is prepared for anything. Its waterproof surface adds an extra layer of protection, guarding against accidental spills or unexpected mishaps. The waterproof coating not only prevents damage but also makes cleaning a breeze. No deformations, no creases – just a mouse pad that looks and performs like new, even after repeated cleaning.

Stability Redefined

A shaky mouse pad is the last thing you need during an intense gaming session. The Redragon Capricorn P012 addresses this concern with its non-slip rubber base. Say goodbye to unwanted movements – this mouse pad stays securely in place, allowing you to focus on your game. The heavy-duty anti-slip rubber backing ensures stability, even during the most frenetic gaming moments.

Compatible with Every Gaming Setup

Whether you prefer a laser or optical mouse, the Redragon Capricorn P012 has you covered. Its versatile design makes it compatible with all types of mice, ensuring a seamless integration with your gaming setup. Experience the freedom to choose your gaming weapon without compromising on performance.

Redragon P012 Mouse Pad Price in Bangladesh

Moharaz understands the value of a good deal, and they bring you the Redragon Capricorn P012 at a competitive price in Bangladesh. Elevate your gaming experience without breaking the bank. Trust Moharaz to deliver not just a product but an investment in your gaming journey. In conclusion, the Redragon Capricorn P012 stands as a testament to innovation in gaming peripherals. Its premium features, including the professionally stitched frame, ultra-smooth surface, waterproof coating, and non-slip rubber base, make it a must-have for serious gamers. Elevate your gaming setup with the Redragon Capricorn P012 – precision, durability, and style, all in one exceptional gaming mouse pad.

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What is the Redragon Capricorn P012 Gaming Mouse Pad price in bd 2024?

The Redragon Capricorn P012 Accessories price in BD is . In today's market on 20-05-2024. The Redragon Capricorn P012 Accessories is Call For Price now in our store (Call us to know about details of this product). And reviewed by 1 users. 5 customer buy this product From 1069 visitors. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated with the latest offers. Subscribe our YouTube channel for product reviews. You can Order Redragon Capricorn P012 online, pay with online payment gateway or Cash on delivery (in Dhaka city) and get 2-3 day Express delivery anywhere in Bangladesh or visit our Showroom for more gift.

Redragon Capricorn P012 Gaming Mouse Pad
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Redragon
  • Model: Capricorn P012

Key Features

  • Waterproof surface
  • Ultra-smooth surface
  • Durable stitched edges
  • Size : 330 x 260 x 3mm