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MAONO AU-AM200 MAONOCASTER Lite Portable All-In-One Podcast Production Studio


Data TransmissionUSB-C
Frequency Response20Hz-20kHz
THDTHD<0.5% 1kHz
Headset Output Power35MW, 32Ω (1KHD+N=1%)
Sample Rate48kHz/16bit
Wireless ConnectionBluetooth 5.0
Battery TypeLi-Polymer
Battery Capacity1200mAh
Charge Parameter5V/1A
Charge TimeAppr. 3h
Battery LifeAppr. 8h (Highest Keypads Brightness)
DimensionL24*W14*H4.2CM (Button Included)
Includes1* Audio interface mixer, 1* Charging cable, 2* 3.5mm TRRS Audio Cable, 1* User manual
Warranty6 months warranty


MAONO AU-AM200 MAONOCASTER Lite Portable All-In-One Podcast Production Studio

Functionality :

in addition to the microphone interfaces, it also features the following functions:

1. 8 pre-loaded sound effects + 4 user-custom sound effects + 4 pitch changer

2. Multi-people and multi-devices simultaneous live streaming

3. Mixing, monitoring, and equalizer

4. Bluetooth connectivity for music accompaniment

Maonocaster Lite Portable Podcast Studio is exactly what you need when you want to get your podcast,

radio shows, or Twitch streams off the ground easily but are not sure what gear to buy. It is so easy and

intuitive to use that you can jump headfirst into podcasting within minutes, and focus on providing valued

content and interacting with your audiences rather than being distracted by the complicated operations.

It offers four channels of audio mixing and easy connections to microphones, smartphones, and other sources;

uses advanced engineering that allows the user to control the sound levels and add live vocal and sound effects

through a comprehensive set of tools to avoid laborious post-production and editing.

If you have any questions about usage or other aspects, please refer to the page using the video/User Manual/Questions

& answers files or contact our after-sales team.

Works as a USB sound card plus a mixing station. Integrating audio mixing equipment into 1 comprehensive solution. It delivers superb sound quality and offers intuitive and full control to optimize vocal and sound effects.

Four users recordable, eight Built-in special audio effects, and various adjustments available for your creation. Fixed audio effects like APPLAUSE, LAUGHTER, CHEERING...Note please record your own audio effects you like to audio interface according to the instructions.

MAONO DJ mixer controller supports up to 2 person, 4 devices and 4 platforms to stream simultaneously. Highlights of this set, you can change your voice to the male, female, or girlish, robot. Two mic inputs, One Accompaniment input, and real-time monitoring, good noise reduction effect after pressing DENOISE button. It is compatible with IOS and Android systems.

10-step reverb & 12-step electronic music & 3 modifiable tones (Treble, mid-range, bass) make this audio interface more entertaining and meet more live recording needs.

Package List
1* Audio interface mixer, 1* Charging cable, 2* 3.5mm TRRS Audio Cable, 1* User manual. We provide a 6-Month warranty. For a better user experience, please download more instructions below and read the user manual before setting up. Maonocaster Lite AM200 only supports 3.5mm microphone input and does not support phantom power. The included microphone is forbidden to be used with phantom power.


It performs well on PC, however, we can’t make sure that it is 100% compatible via digital connection as iOS and Android systems are constantly updating. If the USB digital connection doesn’t work, please use the 3.5mm TRRS input (USB-C or Lightning to 3.5mm adapter may be required but not included) to connect your device.

Sound quality

It works well for streaming and podcasting, but the sound quality might not be as good as a professional DJ mixer.


Cable 1 is suitable for remote current protection of mobile devices. Please do not connect cable 1 when charging or PC.


1. OTG adapter or Y adapter is not included

2. Not compatible with a USB microphone or XLR to XLR microphone

3. Not support Phantom power


What's the difference between AM200 and AM200-S1?
AM200:only the mixer

Does it can connect with A04/PM422 usb microphone?
No, it can't connect with USB microphone, only can connect 3.5mm JACK microphone

Can you use it if you podcast from your cell phone?
Yes, you can

It need connect phantom power?
No, it don't need

Does it can connect with guitar?
Yes, but need another adapter if your guitar is not 3.5mm JACK


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