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Fantech Korsi GC-191 Red Gaming Chair

Fantech Korsi GC-191 Red Gaming Chair
Fantech Korsi GC-191 Red Gaming Chair
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Fantech Korsi GC-191 Red Gaming Chair
Fantech Korsi GC-191 Red Gaming Chair
Material Sturdy Steel Base Smooth PU Caster
Key Features
OthersAdjustable Backrest Angle/ Recline: 170° Recline
Height Adjustability: Class 4 Hydraulic Piston
Tilt Lock: Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism
Physical Specification
Color Red

Fantech Korsi GC-191 Red Gaming Chair

At the core of the Fantech Korsi GC-191 is an ergonomic high backseat design, meticulously crafted for optimal comfort during those extended gaming sessions. The chair embraces your spine, providing support where it matters most. This thoughtful design promotes a healthy posture, ensuring you can game for hours without compromising on comfort. Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury with the genuine leather upholstery of the GC-191. The chair not only provides a comfortable seating experience but also exudes a premium aesthetic. The touch of genuine leather adds sophistication to your gaming setup, making a statement that blends style with functionality. Step into a world of gaming luxury with the GC-191, a bigger size gaming chair designed for those who demand ample space and unwavering support. The larger dimensions ensure that every gamer, regardless of size, can experience the ultimate comfort and freedom of movement while gaming.

Cushioned Bliss: Head and Lumbar Cushions

The GC-191 doesn't just stop at providing a comfortable seat – it goes further by including two cushions for additional support. A head cushion and a lumbar cushion are thoughtfully integrated, offering customizable comfort. Remove the cushions for a more upright sitting position, or attach them to enhance your comfort during intense gaming moments.

Recline and Relax: Adjustable Backrest and Seat

Tilt back and unwind with the adjustable backrest that allows a positioning adjustment of up to 180 degrees. Find your sweet spot and lock the seat's inclination in your preferred position for the perfect gaming posture. The lever, conveniently located on the side, puts you in control of your relaxation, letting you enjoy a moment of respite between gaming sessions.

Precision in Your Hands: 4D Adjustment

Experience a new level of customization with the 4D adjustment feature. Tailor the chair to your body's unique contours with adjustments in height, horizontal angle, forward/backward positioning, and interior/exterior positioning. This level of precision ensures that the GC-191 adapts to your gaming needs, providing a truly personalized gaming setup.

Fantech Korsi GC-191 Features: 

  • Crafted with premium materials for durability and comfort.
  • Genuine leather upholstery for a touch of luxury.
  • Ensures stability and longevity for extended gaming sessions.
  • A solid foundation for your gaming throne.
  • Facilitates smooth movement across different surfaces.
  • Maintains stability while gliding for an effortless gaming experience.
  • Customize the backrest angle for the perfect relaxation position.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to recline up to 170 degrees for added comfort.
  • Easily adjust the chair's height to match your gaming desk or preference.
  • Achieve the ideal eye level for an immersive gaming experience.

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Fantech Korsi GC-191 Red Gaming Chair
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Fantech
  • Model: Korsi GC-191

Key Features

  • Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism
  • Class 4 Hydraulic Piston
  • 170° Recline
  • 2D Adjustable Armrest