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Fantech GP12 Revolver Gaming Controller

Fantech GP12 Revolver Gaming Controller
Fantech GP12 Revolver Gaming Controller
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Fantech GP12 Revolver Gaming Controller
Fantech GP12 Revolver Gaming Controller

Fantech GP12 Gaming Controller

Elevate your gaming experience with the Fantech GP12 Revolver Gaming Controller – a USB Wired powerhouse designed for esports enthusiasts. In this comprehensive guide, explore the unique selling points, ergonomic design, and cutting-edge features that make the GP12 a must-have for serious gamers. USB Wired Interface: The GP12 boasts a USB Wired interface, ensuring a stable and responsive connection for seamless gaming. Say goodbye to input lag and experience precision at your fingertips. Ergonomic Design for Esports Excellence: Crafted with esports athletes in mind, the GP12 features an ergonomic shape and optimal weight distribution. Enjoy comfort during extended gaming sessions, giving you the edge in every match.

  • Immersive Vibration Feedback: Dive into the heart of the action with the GP12's vibration feedback. Feel the intensity of every in-game explosion and impact, adding a new layer of immersion to your gaming experience.
  • Long 1.8m Cable for Flexibility: The 1.8-meter long cable provides flexibility and freedom of movement, allowing you to position yourself comfortably for the most intense gaming moments. No more restrictions – just pure gaming freedom.
  • 17pcs Buttons for Ultimate Control: Take control of your game with 17 programmable buttons at your fingertips. Customize your controller layout to suit your playstyle and dominate the competition with ease.
  • PC/PS3 Compatibility for Versatile Gaming: Whether you're a PC gamer or a PS3 enthusiast, the GP12 has you covered. Enjoy versatile gaming compatibility and switch seamlessly between platforms for a truly immersive experience.

Ergonomic Excellence for Extended Gaming Comfort

The GP12's ergonomic design is a game-changer for those who demand comfort during marathon gaming sessions. Its carefully crafted shape and weight distribution ensure that the controller feels like a natural extension of your hands. Say goodbye to hand fatigue and hello to the ultimate gaming comfort.

Freedom to Move with a Long 1.8m Cable

The 1.8-meter long cable of the GP12 provides the freedom to position yourself optimally for gaming. No more feeling tethered to your device – enjoy flexibility and unrestricted movement. The long cable ensures that you can game comfortably, whether you're sitting at a desk or lounging on the couch.

Versatile Control with 17 Programmable Buttons

Take command of your gaming destiny with the GP12's impressive 17 programmable buttons. Customize your controller layout to match your preferred playstyle. Enjoy the freedom to assign functions to each button, creating a personalized gaming experience that suits your unique preferences.

Gaming Controller Price in Bangladesh

Experience gaming excellence with the Fantech GP12 Revolver Gaming Controller, available at an unbeatable price in Bangladesh, exclusively at Moharaz. Upgrade your gaming arsenal and take your skills to new heights with a controller that combines precision, comfort, and immersive features. Don't settle for ordinary – choose the GP12 for an extraordinary gaming experience. Immerse yourself in your favorite games like never before with the GP12's vibration feedback feature. Feel the impact of every action, from the subtlest movements to the most explosive moments. This added layer of sensory feedback enhances your gaming experience, putting you right in the middle of the action.

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What is the Fantech GP12 Revolver Gaming Controller price in bd 2024?

The Fantech GP12 Gaming price in BD is . In today's market on 20-05-2024. The Fantech GP12 Gaming is Call For Price now in our store (Call us to know about details of this product). And reviewed by 1 users. 5 customer buy this product From 1073 visitors. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated with the latest offers. Subscribe our YouTube channel for product reviews. You can Order Fantech GP12 online, pay with online payment gateway or Cash on delivery (in Dhaka city) and get 2-3 day Express delivery anywhere in Bangladesh or visit our Showroom for more gift.

Fantech GP12 Revolver Gaming Controller
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Fantech
  • Model: GP12

Key Features

  • Cable Lenght: 1.8M
  • USB Wired Controller
  • Buttons: 17pcs
  • Vibration: Yes