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Monitor Price in Bangladesh 2021

Types of Computer Monitors

Most computer displays are widescreen monitors with aspect ratios of 16:9 and 16:10. Since they’re wider than they’re tall, these monitors can fit multiple open apps and large spreadsheets. An expansive screen also makes watching movies and playing video games more enjoyable. Choose an ultrawide monitor for a more impressive cinematic experience. This option has an aspect ratio of 21:9 and allows you to open even more apps side-by-side.

Some computer displays have touchscreen displays. These are best for Windows desktops and workstations, since the operating system supports touch-based interactions and stylus input. While most computer displays are flat, there are also curved display monitors. A curved LCD monitor makes a large display easier to use. The curvature of the screen allows you to see the entire display without turning your head.

Beyond the size and picture quality, one of the main features to consider when choosing a TV is its ports. The type of ports on a TV will affect the types and number of devices you can connect. For instance, some LED TVs come with multiple HDMI ports so you can connect a Blu-Ray player and gaming console at the same time. Other HD smart TVs may include USB ports for hard drives or storage devices. You’ll also find smart LED TVs with built-in streaming support, which can complement media streaming devices.


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