Speaker Price in Bangladesh 2021

A computer multimedia speaker is a kind of output device that generally delivers the sound of hardware fault reports and also used in the world of entertainment such as movies, games, etc.

Speakers provide enhanced listening, no matter the setting. Whether you’re having a pool party, performing a live show, putting together a presentation, or having a movie night, you can find the perfect speaker for any occasion.
Professional speakers are essential for sound reproduction, whether it’s music, spoken voice, singing, or instrumental.

Studio monitors let you hear every sound, voice, and instrument during playback—ideal for recording sessions and live band performances.
Public address (PA) speakers are live sound loudspeakers equipped with volume control that you can use in open settings. Use at parties, or in private settings, like theaters.
Portable PA systems are for presentations, broadcasts, and professional seminars. These systems consist of speakers that often come with microphones and other accessories needed to address the public.
Computer speakers range extensively in a variety of portable USB, wireless Bluetooth, mini, multimedia Speaker, gaming and movie , surround sub-woofer , stereo ,s and home theaters, etc. or sound system is also known as soundbox in Bangladesh.

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