Selfie Stick Price in Bangladesh 2021

Gone are the days of taking turns to be the person out of the group picture. With selfies, came selfie sticks, where friends could have more fun taking pictures by holding the camera at a distance with the help of a stick. With the era of selfies, it is not just group pictures that got more fun but single selfies too, where it now became possible to take gorgeous selfies with the entire scenery behind you. This only got better with the range of selfie stick with remotes that you can now find online.

How to use a selfie stick with remote

1. Switch on the Bluetooth shutter on the remote.

2, You will find the name of the Bluetooth shutter in the instructions area. You can now pair your device.
3. Now open your camera app and click the button on the Bluetooth shutter.
4. Pose, pout, and click away for loads of fun with your remote till you find that perfect cover photo.
There are times when you may find problems with pairing your devices. In times like these, switching off your phone and your remote and switching them on again after approximately five minutes can be very helpful.
The following are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you are looking to buy a new remote online.
1. Consider the weight of your phone – Now, if you have a heavy phone, like the iPhone 6, you will need to have an equally heavy and strong selfie stick, else your stick will move backward and this can affect the quality of your picture.
2. Rechargeable selfie sticks with remotes can run out of battery more often than selfies sticks with built-in batteries. So, if you buy the former kind of remote, ensure that you carry a power bank with you whenever you go on a long trip.
The following are a few things that you may want to consider while buying a selfie stick with remote online. Have a look.
Lightweight – This is a very important feature, especially if you are going to be carrying your selfie stick for trips and other outdoor adventures. You wouldn’t want a large and heavy selfie stick to add to all the other things that you need to carry, would you?
Compact Design – A lightweight selfie stick need not be a short one. You have selfie sticks that are so compact that though small in size, can extend far for that perfect angle, and thus a perfect selfie.
Adjustability – An adjustable head lets you take more interesting selfies from different angles. Apart from this, you also need to ensure that your selfie sticks is comfortable to hold.

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