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How do I choose a mouse?

When you come to our shops to buy a mouse, a few things you might like to consider.

Wire or wireless: If you are looking for consistently responsive mouses, cable/wired mouses are better. Wired mouses are cheap and easy to plug in.

If you are looking for ease of movement and comfort wireless mouse comes handy. Wireless mouse is also travel friendly and easy to use with laptops.

Ergonomics: If you are planning to use the mouses for a long time, it is important to choose one that feels comfortable in your hand. Pay attention to the size and grip of the device. For example, if someone has small hands he or she might find large mouses awkward. Mouses also come with different types of grips — fingertip grip, palm grip, and claw grip. Choose one that you are comfortable with.

Dots per inch (dpi): If you want to edit image, video, or audio files you will need a high sensitivity precision mouses. Mouses with 1200 DPI or greater guarantee good control and precision.

Gaming mouse: For those who love to play games may need to consider all of the three things mentioned above in their mouse. Gaming mouses of different brands are available in the market. Havit, Thermaltake, Logitech, Razer, Rapoo, A4tech etc. are some of them. Moharaz has a huge collection of gaming mouses. By following this link you will get a combo of gaming keyboard and mouse or just mouse. You can check the latest gaming mouses price in Bangladesh here.

What are different types of mouse?

Wired, wireless, bluetooth, gaming etc. are the different types of mouses. Choose one which you are comfortable with and fulfils your requirements.

Which are the best mouse brands in Bangladesh?

Thermaltake, Logitech, Razer, Rapoo, A4tech, Gigabyte , Asus , Lenovo, Corsair, GameMax, Gamdias, Motospeed, Fantech, BenQ, Cooler Master etc. are some of the best brands in Bangladesh. You can check out these brands in our website and branches.

Which mouse is costly?

Generally gaming mouses are costly because they have features like better cursor and movement detection, better ergonomy, awesome design etc.

Are gaming mouse worth it?

Ofcourse, gaming mouses provide features no other mouses provide. Gaming mouses are comfortable, durable, and have improved functionality. Gaming mice are optimized for gaming and lots of other benefits. They come in some great designs too. So, you will find your investment in gaming mouses definitely worth it.

So, if you are looking for amazing gaming mouses, or mouses that fits in your hand perfectly, or you are looking for a wireless/bluetooth mouses, or you are just looking for a top brand mouses please come to Moharaz. Here you will find a wide range of mouses collection.